Over the years, we have specialised in producing forms!
We have the following areas of expertise when it comes to printing forms:

Continuous forms

With continuous forms, the form sets are separated by a perforated line and are attached to each other as a long ribbon, featuring a pin-feed strip on both sides. Continuous forms are used for packing slips, work orders and invoices, among other things. Possibilities:

• From single-sheet to 8-sheet in all shapes and sizes (carbonless)

• Optional double-sided printing;

• Binding options: Pin-feed, perforations, holes, numbering, tapeflex and bonding.

Security forms

Wij zijn een gecertificeerde drukkerij voor het drukken van acceptgiro’s. Het gebruik hiervan loopt door de meer recente betaalmiddelen terug, maar voor veel (oudere) consumenten en in de goede doelen branche is dit nog een veelgevraagd betaalmiddel! Wij leveren de acceptgiro’s plano, aan de rol én zigzag gevouwen.

Benieuwd uit welke velden een acceptgiro is opgebouwd? Klik hier

Thermal forms

Thermal forms are used in account statement printers. Our thermal forms are certified by Wincor Nixdorf, confirming that they meet all standards for use in ATM systems! We supply thermal forms on rolls or in fanfold formats.

Carbonless copy forms

Copying an order form is a whole lot easier if you can fill it out and copy it at the same time! Thankfully, you can do just that with a carbonless copy forms. We make them in various shapes and sizes, because every situation requires a different approach. It’s much easier to tear pages off a glued pad, but stapled pads are a lot sturdier. Want to track forms for greater administrative ease? We’ll apply continuous numbering! Want to keep the forms in a folder? Sheets with punch holes are a great solution. Want to track the order status? A continuous bar code will make your life a whole lot easier!

Loose-leaf forms

We’re a major producer of loose-leaf A4 and A3 forms throughout Europe. We can work with small and large-scale print runs in anywhere from 1 to 8 colours. We can print up to 8 million A4 forms a day and can apply punch holes, perforations during the printing process, as well as packaging the forms and even sealing them in foil in the process! Moduli Print is proud to have helped clients throughout Europe with all their loose-leaf form needs!

Multi-part forms

On our multi-lane printing press, we can produce complete sets of forms in a single printing run, whilst combining them and bonding them into a single set at the same time.

Multi-part forms in sizes from A6 to A4, in 2-part to 6-part sets, printed in one or more colours, bonded separately, numbered and/or provided with binder holes.... We can do it all!

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